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Timesheets and paperwork are due on the 2nd (for the 16th - 31st) and the 17th (for the 1st - 15th) of each month. You can drop them off at the office during business hours, leave them in the drop box after hours, or mail them in. We can not accept any faxed paperwork or timesheets! Pay days are on the 8th and the 24th of every month. If a pay day falls on a Saturday, you get paid the Friday before. If it falls on a Sunday, you get paid the following Monday.

Download Timesheets

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Employee Forms 

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Employee of the Month - 2017

January: David Spiker
February: Teshania Harris
March: Aisha Moore
April: Matt Doidge
May: David Ray
June: Yvonne Lyons
July: Rebecca Wilson
August: Blake Watson
September: Justin Baugham
October: Cynthia Holley